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Monique Curran has over 20 years’ experience writing, editing and proof-reading articles across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Monique has published over 90 drug evaluation articles in peer-reviewed journals. Monique is also experienced in producing a variety of medical communication, educational and conference-related projects for pharmaceutical industry clients.

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About the tui

Copyright Kerry Fenton-Johns. Used with permission.
(Image credit: Kerry Fenton-Johns)

“While I sit working on my medical writing and editing projects here in New Zealand, I can often hear the tui, a native bird, singing from a nearby pohutukawa tree.

When the bright red flowers of the pohutukawa tree are in bloom, the tui flies in to make the most of the abundant nectar, filling the air with song and good news. In a similar way, I am available to help you make the most of your medical information and effectively communicate it to your intended audience.”